2024 NET RESULTS: Charlie Pryor, Woodbine


Athletes Name: Charlie Pryor, jr. Woodbine

Career Points: 1,096


How many career points did they have entering 2023-24 season: 722

How many points did they need to reach 1,000 career points this year: 288


Pryor’s thoughts, Describe Shooters Mentality / All the Teammates help you reach this milestone: My freshman and sophomore year I was able to be more of a shooting guard with having Nicole Sherer being able to handle the ball, so that was nice in terms of not having to create my own shot. After she left, I had to take on the point guard role and create my own shot a little bit more. This year our team did a good job growing and adapting to what each game threw at us. I couldn’t have reached this milestone without all of my teammates!


Pryor’s thoughts, Favorite gym to shoot in / What did it mean to reach that magical 1,000 point career scoring milestone: Going into the game (Jan. 29), I knew that I only needed 16 points to get to 1,000. We were playing Elkhorn, so I didn’t really worry too much about it, I just kept it in the back of my mind as extra motivation. I never knew how many points I had during the game, but something about the three that I made to get to 1,000 just felt different.

I was talking to my mom after the game, and she told me which shot I got it on, and it was the one that I had a good feeling about! Reaching 1,000 points is an accomplishment that never would've happened without all of my time spent in the gym and just playing a lot of basketball and getting to know the game when I was younger. My favorite gym to shoot in is definitely our old gym because of the lighting and the vibe of the gym. 


Coach Ryan Coenen’s thought on Pryor reaching 1,000 point career milestone:  

 It takes a lot of work on the individual athlete’s end to create the opportunity to reach 1,000 points.  To do it as a junior, is even more impressive.  I’ve never coached an athlete who has spent as much time honing her craft.  Charlie is dedicated to perfecting her stroke pattern and her ability to score off the dribble.  It is an incredible individual achievement that was helped in no small part by playing with some very competitive teammates.  Charlie’s desire to compete in practice in shooting drills is second to none.  She’s the only athlete we’ve ever had whose completed the And-1 Shooting Drill.  Charlie basically shut down practice when she accomplished that feat!



Athlete (Years Played) – Career Points 

 Charlie Pryor                        2021-2025            1,096

 Nicole Hoefer                        2020-2024            961

 Megan Maaske            2011-2015            955