2024 NET RESULTS: Maclayn Houston, West Harrison


Athletes Name / School: Maclayn Houston, sr., West Harrison

Career Points: 1,328


How many career points did they have entering 2023-24 season: 868

How many points did they need to reach 1,000 career points this year: 132


Houston’s thought on career achievement / Reaching the 1,000 point milestone:

Reaching the 1,000 career points felt rewarding for all the time and effort I have put into basketball.


Houston’s thought / Describe Shooters Mentality / All the Teammates help you reach this milestone:

 My mentality was to drive to the ball to the hoop, find a way to score, and knock down some free throws. All my teammates helped me reach this milestone by getting me the ball when they could.


Houston’s thought / Favorite gym to shoot in / What did it mean to reach that magical 1,000 point career scoring milestone:

My favorite gym to shoot in is my home gym, because that is where I practice and put up the most shots. It meant a lot to reach the 1,000 point milestone.



1,000 Point Career Milestone / Career Scoring Record at School / Was it within reach at the end of your junior year / Did you think you had a shot at reaching it:

 I felt the 1,000 point career milestone (Dec. 8, at C-A-M, Anita) was within reach at the start of my senior season, as long as I could stay healthy and avoid injuries. I never gave much thought to the career scoring record until my senior year, and even then it seemed like a reach because I had games where I was doubled- and tripled- teamed, so I wasn’t get the ball or get my shots.


Houston’s thought / Favorite gym to shoot in / What did it mean to become the school’s career leading scorer / Describe the moment:

Becoming the school’s career leading scorer gave me a sense of accomplishment, because I was able to achieve it in three years. I knew going into the Boyer Valley game (Feb. 5, 2024), I was close, but once the game started I didn’t think about it until after the game, when I was officially congratulated by my teammates and coaches in the locker room.


Coach Julius Mickalik thought on Athlete reaching 1,000 point career milestone / Describe player, work ethic, leader – What they have meant to the program:

 Maclayn has been the heart and soul of our program the past three years. She is a hard worker and a better leader. Maclayn elevated our program, which translated into wins against never beaten opponents. A career scoring mark of 1,328 is an excellent achievement which may or may not be broken in our school for a long time. It will be impossible to replace Maclayn’s production going forward. We want to thank her for aher time and dedication as a Hawkeye, and wish her all the best at Morningside.





 Athlete (Years Played) – Career Points


1)             Maclayn Houston (2022-2024)            1,328;


2)            Jacqueline Clark (2007-2011)            1,261;

3)             Hannah Utman (2004-2008)            1,223;


4)             Sarah Ruffcorn (2001-2005)            1,070;

5)             Haley Koch (2017-2021)            1,052;