2024 NET RESULTS: Carter Gruver, Woodbine


Athletes Name: Carter Gruver, jr., Woodbine

Career Points: 1,158

How many career points did they have entering the 2023-24 season: 623

How many points did they need to reach 1,000 career points this year: 377

Gruver’s thoughts on career achievement / Reaching the 1,000-point milestone:

It’s a cool list to be a part of. Not very many people reach this achievement, so I’m just blessed to have a really good group of teammates and coaches around me that have helped me reach this milestone.

Gruver’s Thoughts, Describe Shooters Mentality / All the Teammates help you reach this milestone:

I can’t thank my teammates enough. Without them, none of this would’ve been possible. It makes it easy to score when you have four other guys around you that can score. We create shots for each other, so it makes it pretty easy to score.

Gruver’s Thoughts, Favorite gym to shoot in / What did it mean to reach that magical 1,000 point career scoring milestone:

My favorite gym is our new gym at our school. But I will say I put a lot of shots up in the old gym so I don’t know which one is my favorite. Scoring 1000 means a lot to me.  It’s been a goal of mine ever since I was a little kid.

Coach Kyle Bartel’s thoughts on Gruver reaching 1,000 point career milestone:

It is a great feeling as a coach to have an athlete reach this milestone. I think it shows how much work they put into their craft. Carter spends so much time in the gym outside of the basketball season getting shot up.

I remember seeing him outside when he was in middle school shooting a basketball. It is a great achievement, and I’m sure he will be working at getting to the all-time scoring leader mark by the end of next season.


CAREER 1,000 POINT SCORERS (5-on-5 Era)

Athlete (Years Played) – Career Points

Andy Stanislav (1986-89)            N-A           

Bruce Millard (1969-72)            N-A

Mo Barry (1971-74)            N-A

Matt Hickey (1994-97)             1,210

Jamie Hoefer (1993-96)             1,232

Layne Pryor (2018-21)             1,194

Carter Gruver (2021-24)             1,158

Brice Farley (1999-02)             1,132

Mark Esser (1999-02)             1,088

Brady Dickinson (2003-06)             1,002

N-A: Career totals not available in 2024.