2024 NET RESULTS: Brody Lager, Missouri Valley


Athletes Name / School: Brody Lager, sr., Missouri Valley

Career Points: 1,153


How many career points did they have entering 2023-24 season: 754.

How many points did they need to reach 1,000 career points this year: 246.


Lager’s thoughts on career achievement / Reaching the 1,000 point milestone: An amazing feeling, Being able to reach something I’ve worked my whole life for felt very rewarding.


Lager describe shooters mentality / Talk about all the teammates that helped you reach this milestone:

My mentality was always the next shot was going in. My teammates played a huge role in this accomplishment especially our senior class since we've grown up together.


What was Lager’s favorite gym to shoot in / What did it mean to reach that magical 1,000 point career scoring milestone:

I always loved shooting at the old middle school gym in Missouri Valley with my dad.


1,000 Point Career Milestone / Career Scoring Record at School / Was it within reach at the end of your junior year / Did you think you had a shot at reaching it:

I knew after my junior year that it was close, but I’d have to work for it. After my offseason, I knew that I could do it going into the season.


Lager’s thoguth on what it meant to become the school’s career leading scorer / Describe the moment:

Becoming the leading scorer felt unreal. I remember just growing up dreaming of that record and to now have it feels amazing.


Coach Travis Maasen’s thoughts on Lager reaching 1,000 point career milestone / Describe player, work ethic, leader – What they have meant to the program:

 I remember Brody being in the gym when he was just a tiny little guy.   A lot shorter and a skinny little guy with his glasses, but I could tell right away he was going to be special.  I knew at that age he could shoot the rock, but how much he loved being in the gym and his desire to always get better was when I realized “He’s definitely going to make some noise in the MV Basketball Program.”

Brody is a natural leader, he’s great at rallying his guys and would always tell the players and coaches, “I got you!” never afraid of the big moment!  That was always so reassuring as a coach because when he said it, he meant it, and would give every last bit he had in him. Brody has meant so much to this program over the years and has sacrificed so much to spend extra time in the gym.  

People will look at his scoring record and think, wow, what a great scorer, but he also broke the school record for assists in one game as a junior knocking his coach off of the record board.  What a special moment having one of my players beat that record, I’ll cherish that memory! He also was a team leader in rebounding, and when you needed to stop someone defensively, he would always get the other teams best player.  

I was lucky enough to get him as a very strong complete player because of his dad, Pat.   The time that both of them put in together made my job awfully easy at times these last two years.

Brody will always mean the world to me not because of the basketball player he is, but because of the outstanding person he is and the true MV Big Reds faithful will never forget him, I know I won’t!

This shows that good things happen to good people, and these are all extremely high character people!  I am a firm believer in you get what you deserve and these guys definitely deserved this honor through hard work and dedication. 




 Athlete (Years Played) – Career Points


1            Brody Lager (2020 – 2024)            1,153 pts


2            Brad Hansen (1983 – 1987)            1,120 pts

3            Jole Miller (2007 – 2011)            1,076 pts