Dunlap City Council candidate Q&As


On Nov. 7, Harrison County voters will choose from the various candidates running for mayor, city council and school board.

The Dunlap Reporter reached out to candidates ahead of the election with a brief question and answer.

Following are the City Council candidates' responses, published verbatim. All candidates were contacted; if you do not see their answers here, they either did not respond or elected not to participate.


Name: Steven Wingrove

City/town: Dunlap

Candidate for: City Council

Explain who you are: I am a lifelong resident of Dunlap and I’m proud to call Dunlap home. I graduated from Boyer Valley High School in 2007, then continued my education at Buena Vista University with a degree in Business Management. My wife, Jessica, and I have three children Oakley, Weslynn and Wells with a fourth one on the way. I take pride in being a local business owner of Grover & Son’s Trucking, LLC along with having rental properties here in Dunlap. I also serve on the Lutheran church council. If given the opportunity, I would like to serve the community as a city council member.

Why did you run for this position? I see a need for improvement within the city’s planning and zoning department and feel that I can contribute by bringing forward ideas through integrity, open mindedness, and a hard work ethic. Serving on the city council also gives me the chance to give back to the community that I was raised in.

What from your background qualifies you for this position? I feel that running successful businesses and running the city go hand in hand. I know how to work within a budget and any given guidelines. I’m very open minded to improving our community and willing to be the voice of any concerns along the way.

What are your goals if elected? Make sure that taxpayers’ dollars are being used in the best interests possible.

Improve any outdated infrastructures, mainly city streets and alleys.

Explore affordable housing options for citizens.

Help build an even better vibrant, and healthy community that attracts and retains people.


Name: Michael Bonsall

City/town: Dunlap

Candidate for: City Council

Explain who you are: I am a Boyer Valley graduate, who was born and raised in Dunlap. I have always been very happy to call Dunlap home! My wife, Gretchen, and I have two children. Tara is in her second year at University of Northern Iowa. We were proud to watch the Boyer Valley Bulldogs experience an exciting football season this year with our son Sam on the team. I am an active volunteer at the school, namely in the areas of sports and performing arts.

I am a licensed electrician, and I am employed by Bonsall TV & Appliance, a business that has been in my family since my grandpa and his brothers started wiring houses after WWII in 1945. I feel that our business’ success is a direct reflection of how we treat our customers.

Why did you run for this position? I filled a vacancy on the Dunlap City Council because I felt I had the ability to be a good council member. I was serving on the city’s Planning and Zoning Board when the vacancy occurred, and I was interested in serving the community in this capacity.

Based on my experience thus far, I would like to continue serving Dunlap as a council member. I am mindful in my approach, with a goal to make the best decisions for the greater good of our community. I do feel I have a lot to offer and ask that the residents of Dunlap vote to allow me more time to serve them as a city council member.

What from your background qualifies you for this position? As mentioned above, I have already served a partial term as a council member when I filled a more recent vacancy. I also have given my time to Dunlap’s Planning and Zoning Committee.

Working for a local small business, I spend a lot of time engaging with residents in and around the Dunlap community. I feel this interaction helps me serve as a good representative of the public.

I was also a past president of the Boyer Valley Booster Club. I believe volunteering is a great way to strengthen your ties to community, and that we all need to help where we can.

What are your goals if elected? I would like help Dunlap continue moving forward, by keeping the town up to date on the services and trends needed to stay competitive. I would like to see Dunlap’s population increase, as a result of the city partnering with the school in more meaningful ways to attract young families.

I feel the community would benefit from more transparency and communication from the City and I look to help find creative ways to make that happen.

I served on the Dunlap Visioning Steering Committee. One of the projects that was determined pertinent through the visioning process, was the construction of a paved walking trail that safely connects the school to the sports complex. Finding funds for this project will require some creative efforts like grant writing. I will support the Dunlap Grants Committee in this and other endeavors, as I have in the past.


Name: Michael Gunia

City/town: Dunlap

Candidate for: City Council

Explain who you are: I have lived in Dunlap most of my life. My wife, Jennifer and I have two daughters in Boyer Valley Schools. I am active in the Knights of Columbus, have been the 4th of July parade announcer for several years along with volunteering for many other Dunlap events. The last two years, I organized a Fire Department Appreciation night where I sought donations to treat the volunteer firemen and women to supper in the park and a free night of family swimming.

Why did you run for this position? I want to support the greater good of the Dunlap community. The City Council is required to make some tough decisions, but I try hard to advocate for positive change and the sustainability of the town. I feel we have a civic responsibility to serve the town where we can. Now that I am retired, I want to spend some of my time helping to improve our community where we can.

What from your background qualifies you for this position? I have had four businesses in town over the years. I have also already served time on the Council, so I understand what is required of the position.

What are your goals if elected? I would like to see events like the 4th of July continue to thrive because I feel these events are very important to our town. We also need to keep our pool and parks in good condition. We are headed in a good direction with more community volunteers. I’d like to see the town continue to improve.


Name: Tony Casperson

City/town: Dunlap

Candidate for: City Council

Explain who you are: I am Tony Casperson. I am running for city council this year. I attended school in Dunlap and have lived here all my life off and on. I am a citizen of the United States, an Army Veteran and a third generation of Dunlap. I am a local business owner of 10 years, Dunlap Legion member and Cemetery Board Member.

Why did you run for this position? This is where I make my home and I feel we could use a change in our city government. We need to utilize our spending in better ways.

What from your background qualifies you for this position? I am a businessman – not a politician and I have served on the council in the past.

What are your goals if elected? I have seen how things have been going and would like to see things go in a different direction. Working with the people of Dunlap to better our community. With the right support, I think we could start by fixing the foundation of this town. Streets, alleys, water and sewer have been a problem for a long time and it’s time to fix those things! We are putting in a new main street; wouldn’t it be nice to repair the old lines now instead of digging it back up in the near future. We need to improve our budget and control our spending and get the city out of debt.