Boyer Valley School Board candidate Q&As


On Nov. 7, Harrison County voters will choose from the various candidates running for mayor, city council and school board.

The Dunlap Reporter reached out to candidates ahead of the election with a brief question and answer.

Following are the Boyer Valley School Board candidates' responses, published verbatim. All candidates were contacted; if you do not see their answers here, they either did not respond or elected not to participate.


Name: Kim McAllister

City/town: Dunlap

Candidate for: Boyer Valley School Board 

Explain who you are: I grew up in Woodbine, and graduated high school in 2009. My husband, Jake (a Boyer Valley grad), and our almost 3 year old son moved back to the area last summer so our son could be raised near our families. I have my Bachelors in Marketing from Iowa State, and my MBA from University of Nebraska - Lincoln. I have primarily worked in Database Marketing since graduating college and am currently the Database Marketing Manager for WarHorse Gaming. I have been serving on the Boyer Valley School Board since April of this year, after being appointed to fill an open seat. 

Why did you run for this position? With a son who will be attending Boyer Valley schools very soon, I want to ensure he and all the students in the district have the best education possible and are prepared for their future when they graduate. There are some really great things happening at Boyer Valley right now, and I want to keep the momentum going. It’s a team effort to keep our small communities thriving and this is a great opportunity for me to contribute. 

What from your background qualifies you for this position? My leadership experience includes being a manager of a marketing team at Caesars Entertainment and WarHorse Gaming. I’ve served on a variety of committees in these roles including process improvement/Six Sigma projects and committees focused on rolling out new technology to the company. In my current role, I have been building processes and procedures from scratch as we open a new property. Hiring employees, delivering performance reviews, reviewing and managing department budgets, making decisions based on data and communicating with customers and internal stakeholders are regular parts of my job. The skills I’ve gained in these roles and through my formal education would be helpful as a board member. 

What are your goals if elected? My primary goal is that we are providing a top-notch education for all students in our district. I would like to see the district thriving with high student achievement and increased enrollment numbers. A high priority of mine is that we focus on retaining our high-quality teachers and attracting top talent for future openings by supporting the teachers and maintaining a positive working environment. 


Name: Craig Malone
City/town: Dow City
Candidate for: Boyer Valley School Board

Explain who you are: My name is Craig Malone.  I reside in Dow City with my wife, Julie and daughter, Lauren.  I am a local business owner and actively involved in both the communities and school.   My wife and I both graduated from Boyer Valley, my son recently graduated from Boyer Valley and my daughter is currently a senior at Boyer Valley.

Why did you run for this position?  I have always been committed to the importance of quality education and the positive impact it can have on individuals and communities. I firmly believe that educational institutions play a crucial role in shaping the future of our society, and as a passionate advocate for educational equity and excellence, I would like to continue serving the district and communities.   

What from your background qualifies you for this position? Having served the past couple of  years I have learned a lot about the districts needs and have listened to what students, staff, and community members are saying is important to the future of the district.   As a board member, I feel I collaborate with other board members, administrators, teachers, parents, and community members in a processional manner.

What are your goals if elected? I would like to continue updating facilities and educational opportunities for the students of the district.  We have done a lot of tremendous things over the years and I want to see the continued progression of the district.