BOYER VALLEY COMMUNITY SCHOOLS BOARD OF DIRECTORS - REGULAR MEETING – AUGUST 15, 2022 6:00 P.M. – BOYER VALLEY SOUTH CALL TO ORDER: President Steve Puck called the regular meeting of the Boyer …


BOYER VALLEY COMMUNITY SCHOOLS BOARD OF DIRECTORS - REGULAR MEETING – AUGUST 15, 2022 6:00 P.M. – BOYER VALLEY SOUTH CALL TO ORDER: President Steve Puck called the regular meeting of the Boyer Valley Board of Education to order at 6:00 p.m. Members answering roll call were Paul Cogdill, Ben Hansen, Elizabeth Heistand, Craig Malone, Jen Miller and Steve Puck. Director Ueding was absent. Administrators present: Supt. Jeremy Christiansen, Principal Scott Frohlich and Secretary Terra Sell. Visitors present: List on file in the Business Office. APPROVAL AGENDA/MINUTES: Motion by Heistand, second by Miller to approve the agenda as published with the change of moving Consent Agenda Item A before public hearings and the addition of Action Item – Approve Selection of Board Member to serve on AEA District Board for Convention, and minutes from previous board meetings. Motion carried 6-0. PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED ISSUANCE OF APPROXIMATELY $2,500,000 SCHOOL INFRASTRUCTURE SALES, SERVICES AND USE TAX REVENUE BONDS: Supt. Christiansen reported that in the event the bids for the proposed bond project come in over the original bond issuance of $8.2 million, we need to have another avenue in order to cover those costs. There were no requests to speak during the public hearing. PUBLIC HEARING TO PRESENT PLANS, SPECIFICATIONS, TYPE OF CONTRACT, AND BUDGET FOR THE ADDITION AND RENOVATIONS PROJECT: Leila Knowles, with Boyd Jones, informed the board that bids will be received on September 21st at 3:00 p.m. in the BVS boardroom, the contract type is AIA A-132, the total project cost is estimated to be $11.4 million. There were no requests to speak during the public hearing. Motion by Hansen, second by Malone to approve the plans, specifications, type of contract and budget for the project. Motion carried 6-0. OPEN FORUM: None. CONSENT AGENDA: B. Motion by Cogdill, second by Miller to approve the bills/reports as presented. Motion carried 6-0. C. Motion by Hansen, second by Heistand to approve contracts for: Mitch Putnam – Asst. HS Boys Basketball; Paul Cogdill - JH Football; Jay Petersen – Asst. HS Football; Patty Branning, Julie Burhoop, Denise Heese, Bob Hesman, Stacy Pippitt and Susan Soma – Mentors; Johanna Erlbacher, Bob Hesman and Kathy Marsh – PLCL; Molly Jensen and Allison Leisinger – STAT; Julie Malone and Ben Schauer – PBIS; Tyler Sharp – Physical Education Instructor; Misty Hikins – Cook; and to approve resignations for Paige Gaskill – Head Softball; Ali Ohl – Custodian, Patty Schwery – FT Cook. Motion carried 5-0. Director Cogdill – abstain. SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT: Both buildings are looking great; new teachers started today, Cody Freland and Johnathon Bowling introduced themselves to the board. Thanked office staff, they are working hard on transitioning to PowerSchool. Thank you to everyone, it has been a great transition so far, he is receiving lots of great ideas and feedback. Supt. Christiansen has been checking into resetting keys in both buildings for better security. Mr. Frohlich lined up transportation for a wheelchair bound student, it will cost $112/week. Still working on schedules, they will be done soon. Checking into early retirement policies, still waiting on information back from SAI and IASB. Supt. Christiansen reviewed facility drawings, colors for walls, tiles, and chairs in the auditorium with the board. PRINCIPAL’S REPORT: Mr. Frohlich reported the custodians have been working very hard preparing the school for the new year. Due to having a wheelchair bound student, the preschool playground needs updating; it has been graded, but concrete is not yet poured. The transition has gone very well; Hollie has been helping Scott with all his questions. Teachers have been in the building working on getting their rooms ready. TECHNOLOGY REPORT: We transferred to FMCTC, the bus barn can now page/call to here as if they were in the same building. There is no camera at the bus barn, there should probably be one installed. The new webpage is now up and running; we are making progress with Schoology and the new domain is going over well. Shelley suggests getting more flat panels for the BVS building and iPads for preschoolers as the chromebooks are too cumbersome for them. NEW BUSINESS: A. Director Heistand introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption, second by Hansen. Ayes: Heistand, Hansen, Cogdill, Malone, Miller and Puck. Nays: None. Motion carried 6-0. President Puck declared the resolution adopted as follows: “Resolution supporting the proposed issuance of approximately $2,500,000 school infrastructure sales, services and use tax revenue bonds.” The resolution is available in the Board Secretary’s office if you wish to read it in its entirety. B. Motion by Miller, second by Heistand to approve lane changes for Megan Behrendt – MA Step 3; Julie Burhoop – BA+30 Step 3; Anyssa Castillo – BA+15 Step 4; and Ben Schauer – MA Step 6. Motion carried 6-0. C. Three bids were received for the precast walls for the new gymnasium: Coreslab Structures - $582,511; Enterprise Precast Concrete - $622,628 and Gage Bros Concrete Products - $705,442. Motion by Cogdill, second by Miller to approve the bid for Coreslab Structures in the amount of $582,511. Motion carried 6-0. D. After a brief discussion, motion by Malone, second by Miller to approve the BVS/BVN Student Handbooks. Changes were made to attendance, grading and code of conduct. Motion carried 6-0. E. Motion by Heistand, second by Hansen to approve Molly Jensen as Level I Investigator, the Harrison County Sheriff as the Level II Investigator for 2022-23. Motion carried 6-0. F. Motion by Hansen, second by Cogdill to approve Scott Frohlich as the District Equity Coordinator for 2022-23. Motion carried 6-0. G. Supt. Christiansen discussed the process of booster club request approvals with the board. The board determined they would like to keep the oversight of these requests to ensure there is consistency and fairness amongst sports. H. Motion by Cogdill, second by Miller to approve the show choir sharing agreement with Woodbine CSD. Motion carried 6-0. I. Motion by Hansen, second by Heistand to nominate Jen Miller to serve on the AEA District Board for Convention. Motion carried 6-0. J. Next board meeting will be held on September 19th at 6:00 p.m. BOARD POLICY: Supt. Christiansen reviewed the 200 series with the board, specifically code section 203 – Conflict of Interest. A suggestion to add a paragraph allowing school board members to apply for extracurricular contracts in the event a suitable person cannot be found to fill the position. This policy, with its modifications, will be brought back to the board for approval at the next meeting. A motion by Heistand, second by Cogdill to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 6-0. With no further business appearing before the board, President Puck declared the meeting adjourned at 6:52 p.m. These minutes are as recorded by the board secretary and subject to approval at the next regular board meeting. Secretary, Terra Sell President, Steve Puck Boyer Valley CSD Claims- August 2022 Vendor Name, Vendor Description, Amount General Amazon Capital Services, Classroom Supplies 2,988.22 Amsterdam, Teachers Supplies 206.39 Bio Corporation, Science Supplies 257.20 Bomgaars Supply, Custodial Supplies 57.91 Bonsall T.V. Inc., Audio/Visual Equip/Repairs 252.50 C & H Hauling, Trash Removal 280.00 Calvin Christophersen, DC, Purchased Service 170.00 Carroll Cleaning Supply, Co., Cleaning Supplies 1,388.00 Carroll Control, Purchase Service 690.00 Central Iowa Distributing, Inc, Janitorial Supplies 982.40 City Of Dow City, Water/Sewer/Garbage 241.30 City Of Dunlap, Utility 672.56 Clark Pest & Termite Control, Puirchased Service 175.00 Cornhusker International Trucks, Inc., Transportation Supplies 527.75 Curriculum Assoc., LLC, Instructional Supplies 55.88 Denison Do It Best Hardware, Custodial Supplies 92.11 Des Moines Stamp Co., Stamping Supplies 72.05 Discount School Supply, Classroom Supplies 593.49 Dunlap Lumber, Maintenance Supplies 357.98 Dunlap Plumbing & Heating, Inc, Repairs/Rental 24.00 Dunlap Reporter, Publications/Supplies 330.50 EAI Education, Math Supplies 856.60 Elevate Roofing, Purchased Service 385.13 Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone Company, Internet/Long Distance 1,662.52 Green Hills AEA, Supplies/Services 396.70 Harrison County Treasurer, Drainage District Tax 88.89 Heller Implement, Inc., Repair Parts 41.06 Iowa Division Of Labor Services, Boiler Inspection 120.00 Iowa HS Music Association, Registration/Dues 25.00 Iowa School Finance Information Services, Subscription 1,100.00 Jacobsen Institution, Instructional Supplies 149.00 Jaymar Business Forms Inc, Business Forms 135.98 JJ & Son's, Gas/Diesel 696.29 McClellan Electric, Inc., Electrician Work 430.00 Menards, Shop Equipment 359.97 Midamerican Energy, Electricity/Natural Gas 21,978.06 NCS Pearson, Inc, Textbooks 324.00 Newz Brain, Subscription 309.00 One Source The Background Check Co., Purchased Service 112.00 Perfection Learning Corp, Books 2,021.37 Savvas Learning Co. LLC 3,602.00 Stinn Backhoe & Plumbing Services, Inc., Purchased Service 112.50 Teacher Direct, Classroom Supplies 78.76 Visual Edge IT, Inc. Dba Counsel, Maintenance/Supplies 10.48 Ward's Science, Instructional Supplies 214.49 Wells Fargo Bank, Travel And School Supplies 331.36 Wells Fargo Financial Leasing Inc., Copier Lease 18.23 Western Iowa Tech, Educational Services 30.00 Windstream Iowa Communications, Phone Company 427.04 Zaner Bloser, Instructional Supplies 765.18 Fund Total: 47,196.85 Management Avesis, Vision Insurance 68.94 Community Bank/Medical Insr, Medical Insurance 6,741.02 Iowa Schools Employee Benefits, Dental/Life/Ltd Ins 200.28 Fund Total: 7,010.24 Campus Care Amazon Capital Services, Classroom Supplies 1,969.76 Lakeshore Equipment Company, Instructional Supplies 10,837.15 Smitty's Grocery, Food Supplies 34.75 Fund Total: 12,841.66 Checking Account Total: 67,048.75 School Nutrition Evers, Austin, Refund 13.65 Iowa Division Of Labor Services, Boiler Inspection 40.00 Neilsen, Larry, Reimbursement 241.70 O'Rourke, Patrick, Refund 55.00 Fund Total: 350.35 Checking Account Total: 350.35 Student Activity Amazon Capital Services, Classroom Supplies 534.52 Cash/ Lori Malone, Change Funds 350.00 Champion Tours, Purchsed Service 6,000.00 Collins Sports Medicine, Athletic Supplies 347.88 Deckers Sporting Goods, Athletic Supplies 2,074.30 Elite FTS, Athletic Supplies 2,908.00 Hauff Mid-America Sports, Sports Supplies 2,101.80 Healy Awards, Inc., Supplies 445.03 HUDL, Athletic Supplies 2,547.00 Jostens, Supplies 3,551.94 Peterson, Jay, Choreography 2,000.00 Town And Country Store, The, Supplies 56.25 Uptown Sporting Goods, Supplies 1,732.00 Fund Total: 24,648.72 Checking Account Total: 24,648.72 Local Option Tax Follett School Solutions, Supplies 1,360.57 McClellan Electric, Inc., Electrician Work 1,274.50 Nextgen Technology, Purchased Service 7,500.00 Fund Total: 10,135.07 PPEL Data Management Inc, Time Clock 1,944.00 Wells Fargo Financial Leasing Inc., Copier Lease 1,157.08 Fund Total: 3,101.08 Checking Account Total: 13,236.15 Bond Project 22 KPE-Engineers/Architects/Forensic Experts, Purchase Service 175,750.00 Piper Sandler, Purchased Service 41,550.00 Fund Total: 217,300.00 Checking Account Total: 217,300.00 TDR 9-1-22


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