BOYER VALLEY COMMUNITY SCHOOLS BOARD OF DIRECTORS - REGULAR MEETING – OCTOBER 18, 2021 5:30 P.M. – BOYER VALLEY SOUTH CALL TO ORDER: President Elizabeth Heistand called the regular meeting of the …


BOYER VALLEY COMMUNITY SCHOOLS BOARD OF DIRECTORS - REGULAR MEETING – OCTOBER 18, 2021 5:30 P.M. – BOYER VALLEY SOUTH CALL TO ORDER: President Elizabeth Heistand called the regular meeting of the Boyer Valley Board of Education to order at 5:30 p.m. Members answering roll call were JoEtt Cogdill (via telephone), Ken Dunham, Elizabeth Heistand, Craig Malone and Steve Puck. Director Ueding was absent. Administrators present: Supt. Kurt Brosamle, Principal Mike Weber and Secretary Terra Sell. Visitors present: List on file at the Business Office. Secretary Sell read the mission statement. APPROVAL AGENDA/MINUTES: A motion by Dunham, second by Puck to approve the agenda as published and minutes from previous board meetings. Motion carried 5-0. Director Ueding arrived at 5:34 p.m. PRINCIPALS’ REPORT: Mr. Weber reported that Wednesday is a professional development day and the elementary will be having their monthly MTSS meeting to discuss students at every grade level. The preschool teachers and associates will be taking part in specially designed instruction throughout the year. He is finishing up the civil rights data collection report and there is preschool desk audit coming up. SUPERINTENDENTS’ REPORT: Mr. Brosamle reported that during the upcoming professional development day the middle/high school will review essential standards for ISAP, FAST and NWEA test results and how scores can be improved in the math/language arts programs. Working on getting new curriculum for the k-12 language arts program. The school nurse will begin providing CPR training to staff. Applied for a connectivity grant, 46 chromebooks were delivered today and working on getting more. Last week, 6th, 8th and 11th graders took the Iowa Youth Survey to understand what affect the pandemic had on students. Adult lunch prices will increase to $3.95 starting Jan. 1st, that rate is set by the state. Sam Cogdill, on behalf of the Dunlap Community Development Corporation, spoke to the board to consider a proposal on sharing an employee with DCDC, the city and the school. The individual would work on high-level tasks, grant writing, website maintenance and promotional work. He requested the school board put together a committee to discuss whether it would be a good fit for the school and gather insight on what the school’s expectations would be. Chaise Mefferd, Campus Care Director, addressed the board regarding research she had done for campus care. We have the lowest rates around and is considering an increase. Many parents agree they are paying for convenience and there is a waiting list at both locations. By increasing rates, we can also increase wages that will help attract and retain more employees to eliminate the waiting list issue. DISCUSSION: Enrollment: Mr. Brosamle reported we are up 2 students overall compared to last year. Early Retirement: The board feels they should offer, but not sure how many and exact criteria to meet qualifications. They would like to see how the bond issue results first. 6:00 P.M. HEARING ON PROPOSED RESOLUTION FOR INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPORT LEVY: President Heistand announced that this is the time, place and date to hold a hearing on the proposed Resolution to Continue Participation in the Instructional Support Program. No one appeared before the board with oral objections and no written objections were received. President Heistand declared the hearing closed. OPEN FORUM: None. CONSENT AGENDA: Motion by Ueding, second by Malone to approve the consent agenda as presented. Motion carried 6-0. APPROVE MAJOR PURCHASES AND PERSONNEL: Motion by Puck, second by Ueding to approve the resignation of Kallie Whitman, Campus Care Associate. Motion carried 6-0. Motion by Malone, second by Dunham to terminate sponsor contracts for Jodi Malone, High School Student Council Sponsor and Junior Class Sponsor. Motion carried 6-0. Motion by Dunham, second by Ueding to terminate the teaching contract for Cody Malone, effective November 1, 2021, with the condition that moving forward the board will not request to recoup paid wages and benefits while on administrative leave. Motion carried 6-0. Motion by Dunham, second by Puck to approve the contract for Kaitlynn Hartmann, Campus Care Associate. Motion carried 6-0. EARLY RETIREMENT: Motion by Ueding, second by Puck to table this item until a later date. Motion carried 6-0. SPECIAL EDUCATION DELIVERY COMMITTEE: Motion by Dunham, second by Puck to approve the following individuals as the Special Education Delivery Committee: Makayla Beeck, Amanda Murphy, Mark & Kelly Nichols, Kent Hall, Emmie Stephens, Kathy Fillmore, Bree Malone, Doris Erlbacher, Tina Gress, Kathy Marsh, Ashley Coffman, Steve Sauvain, Mike Weber and Kurt Brosamle. Motion carried 6-0. WEIGHT ROOM EQUIPMENT BIDS: Motion by Malone, second by Puck to approve the bid spreadsheet presented to the board. Motion carried 6-0. Bid spreadsheet is available in Board Secretary’s office upon request. RESOLUTION TO CONTINUE PARTICIPATION IN THE INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPORT PROGRAM: Director Puck introduced the following Resolution and moved to adopt, second by Dunham. Ayes: Puck, Dunham, Cogdill, Heistand, Malone and Ueding. Nays: None. Motion carried 6-0. President Heistand declared the Resolution adopted as follows: “Resolution to continue participation in the instructional support program.” The resolution is available in the Board Secretary’s office if you wish to read it in its entirety. DISCUSSION ITEMS: Community Meeting: Mr. Brosamle wanted to remind the board of the community meeting being held tomorrow night in the auditorium at 6:30 p.m. regarding the upcoming bond issue. A motion by Ueding, second by Malone to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 6-0. With no further business appearing before the board, Vice President Puck declared the meeting adjourned at 6:13 p.m. These minutes are as recorded by the board secretary and subject to approval at the next regular board meeting. Secretary, Terra Sell President, Elizabeth Heistand Boyer Valley CSD Claims-October 2021 General Advanced Communication Services, Purchased Service 402.00 Amazon.Com, Classroom Supplies 2,829.70 Apple Inc., Technology Supplies 744.50 Bonsall T.V. Inc., Audio/Visual Equip/Repairs 450.00 C & H Hauling, Trash Removal 260.00 Carroll Cleaning Supply, Co., Cleaning Supplies 1,030.94 Carroll Control, Purchase Service 212.00 Central Iowa Distributing, Inc, Janitorial Supplies 557.00 City Of Dow City, Water/Sewer/Garbage 1,565.63 City Of Dunlap, Utility 1,244.60 Cornhusker International Trucks, Inc., Transportation Supplies 327.15 Costco Anywhere Visa, Supplies 130.63 Counsel Office & Documents, Maintenance/Supplies 9.99 Courtland's Kustoms, Inc, Labor/Supplies 30.00 Curriculum Assoc., LLC, Instructional Supplies 55.88 Denison Bulletin/Review, Advertising 132.00 Department Of Education, Bus Inspection 850.00 DHS Cashier 1st Fl., St. Medicaid Service 5,947.23 Discount School Supply, Classroom Supplies 300.09 Dunlap Family Pharmacy, Medical Supplies 2.67 Dunlap Lumber, Maintenance Supplies 218.59 Dunlap Plumbing & Heating, Inc, Repairs/Rental 3,698.00 Dunlap Reporter, Publications/Supplies 546.68 Ed M Feld Equip Co Inc, Fire Extinguisher Service 262.89 Elevate Roofing, Purchased Service 366.59 Ettleman Oil Co., Supplies 1,266.23 Fareway Stores, Groceries 136.53 Follett School Solutions, Supplies 90.00 Frontier Communications, Telephone 207.96 Grace Notes LLC, Instructional Supplies 35.00 Grandpa's Pumpkin Patch, Field Trip 24.00 Green Hills AEA, Supplies/Services 445.36 Hanigan's Lawn & Landscaping, LLC, Lawn Care 1,855.00 Harlan Publishing LLC, Publications 108.00 Heartland AEA 11, Registration 51.50 Heller Implement, Inc., Repair Parts 2,425.86 Hy Vee, Inc., Food/Supplies 175.62 IA HS Speech Association, Membership/Entry Fees 185.00 Iowa Communications Network, L-D/T-1/Video Charges 96.19 Iowa HS Music Association, Registration/Dues 25.00 Iowa School Counselor Association, Membership 185.00 JMC Computer Service Inc, Software/Supplies 94.60 John's Body Repair Inc, Bus Repair 571.00 JW Pepper & Son Inc., Sheet Music 41.29 Lexia Learning Systems, Inc., Instructional Supplies 800.00 Logan Magnolia Comm School, Tuition/Fees 95.00 Mcclellan Electric, Inc., Electrician Work 255.80 Midamerican Energy, Electricity/Natural Gas 8,828.99 Mittag, Tessa 90.23 NCS Pearson, Inc, Textbooks 312.00 Nebraska Air Filter Inc, Supplies 368.52 One Source The Background Check Co., Purchased Service 100.50 Plunkett's Pest Control, Pest Control 130.00 Quill Corp, Office Supplies 79.38 Really Good Stuff, Classroom Supplies 241.93 Really Great Reading LLC, Instructional Supplies 4,646.92 Roberts Auto Supply, Repair Parts 47.90 Scholastic Education, Software 114.52 Scholastic Teacher Resources, Classroom Supplies 768.25 School Nurse Supply Inc., Medical Supplies 43.02 Smitty's Grocery, Food Supplies 116.86 Teacher Synergy LLC, Instructional Supplies 600.00 Texthelp Inc., Purchased Service 720.00 Timberline Billing Service LLC, Purchased Service 756.53 Van Wall Equipment, Repairs 592.17 Verizon Wireless, Cell Phone 1,040.26 Wells Fargo Bank, Travel And School Supplies 140.00 Western Iowa Wireless, Internet Access Bus Barn 49.95 Windstream Iowa Communications, Phone Company 421.93 Fund Total: 51,554.56 Management Avesis, Vision Insurance 79.81 Community Bank Unemployment, Unemployment 382.25 Community Bank/Medical Insr, Medical Insurance 8,584.28 Iowa Schools Employee Benefits, Dental/Life/Ltd Ins 304.22 Fund Total: 9,350.56 Campus Care Ettleman Oil Co., Supplies 15.27 Smitty's Grocery, Food Supplies 39.12 Fund Total: 54.39 Checking Account Total: 60,959.51 School Nutrition Anderson-Erickson Dairy Co, Milk 2,135.71 Fareway Stores, Groceries 29.78 Hobart Sales And Service, Custodial Supplies 348.39 Hubert, Kitchen Supplies 44.30 Martin Bros. Distributing Co., Food Co-Op 10,587.25 Pan 0 Gold Baking, Hot Lunch Food 444.90 Fund Total: 13,590.33 Checking Account Total: 13,590.33 Student Activity Alford, Ben, Official 120.00 Amazon.Com, Classroom Supplies 89.19 Anderson's, Prom Supplies 439.09 ASPI Solutions, Inc., Software 300.00 Carney, David, Official 120.00 Cash/ Lori Malone, Change Funds 3,750.00 Contract Specialty LC, Supplies 180.00 Crew Center, The, Membership 160.00 Dighton, Alexander, Official 120.00 Dramatic Publishing, Playbooks 724.96 Dunlap Lumber, Maintenance Supplies 466.90 Dunlap Reporter, Publications/Supplies 270.00 Ettleman Oil Co., Supplies 25.45 Fischer, Kyle, Official 120.00 Gillmore, Lucas, Official 150.00 Graphic Edge, LLC, The, T-Shirts 3,328.14 Gross, Joy, Official 600.00 Hauff Mid-America Sports, Sports Supplies 1,986.25 Heiman, Karl, Official 300.00 Henderson, Alan, Official 600.00 Higgins, Ryan, Official 120.00 Hoff, Jeremy, Official 120.00 IA State Dance/Drill Team Asso, Registration Fee 822.00 Iowa FFA Association, Registration Fees 1,104.00 Iowa Girls Coaches Association, Membership 75.00 Kell, Dan 120.00 Key Escape Rooms, LLP, The, Travel 210.00 Late Night Designs, Supplies 234.00 Long, John, Official 120.00 Lubbers, Caleb, Official 120.00 Lyons, Don, Official 300.00 Meyer, Charlie, Official 300.00 Nahnsen, John, Official 120.00 Northwest Missouri State University, Registration 84.00 Pioneer Mfg Co, Paint 68.20 Really Great Reading LLC, Instructional Supplies 11.40 Roger's Athletic, Athletic Supplies 1,203.00 Schulte, Leroy, Official 120.00 Showers, Craig, Official 120.00 Southwest Iowa District FFA/Chapter, Annual Dues 70.00 Spratt, Grant, Offical 120.00 Taylor, Bryce, Offical 120.00 Tesch, Shannon, Purchased Service 108.50 Vaughn, Jerome, Official 120.00 Vollstedt, Bradley, Official 150.00 Wells Fargo Bank, Travel And School Supplies 479.35 Wiebers, Rollie, Sports Official 100.00 Fund Total: 20,489.43 Checking Account Total: 20,489.43 Local Option Tax Amazon.Com, Classroom Supplies 552.78 Amplified It 1,125.00 Associated Fire Protection, Contract Labor 500.00 KPE-Engineers/Architects/Forensic Experts, Purchase Service 8,482.74 Mcclellan Electric, Inc., Electrician Work 559.66 Nextgen Technology, Purchased Service 7,250.00 Rasmussen Mechanical Service, Contract Labor 1,518.62 Fund Total: 19,988.80 PPEL Wells Fargo Financial Leasing Inc., Copier Lease 1,749.59 Wordware, Inc., Software Support 879.00 Fund Total: 2,628.59 Checking Account Total: 22,617.39 TDR 10-28-21


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